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Complexity core celebrates one year

The young core has shown promise in its first year with the org.

Today marks one year ago to the day that Complexity signed the former Extra Salt roster. Since then, the team has had some ups and downs, but after the only move the roster has seen in its first year, things have been looking better.

2021 saw the rise of Extra Salt, the South African organization with ties to coach Tiaan "T.c" Coertzen. The team went through some changes, peaking at #15 in the HLTV Rankings. Extra Salt finished the year by winning five competitions, placing second in two, for the last three months of 2021.

This success caught the eye of Jason Lake and Complexity who, after some time flirting with the Copenhagen Flames roster, turned to the domestic squad. The core of Extra Salt was left without an AWPer after John "oSee" Ohm left for Liquid and without a rifler, after Edgar "MarKE" Maldonado was left out of the deal. To fill those positions, Complexity added Paytyn "junior" Johnson and Michael "Grim" Wince.

Complexity's peak with the former core of Extra Salt, junior and Grim, was #20, one month after the contracts were signed. Some good moments came around but the bad ones were the ones to prevail, and those culminated with junior being replaced by Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli, in the Summer of 2022, which has been the only move the roster has seen since January 18th, 2022.

For a more in-depth analysis of Complexity's first year with this roster, check our Complexity's year in review article.

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January 18, 2023 02:48PM
Crazy that they peaked at 20 one month after being signed and haven’t reach that high since
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