junior is back in the saddle, but now with another organization

EG Black to use former Complexity AWPer

When signing up for the fl0m Cup, EG Black was spotting using a new AWPer in place of wiz.

The Evil Geniuses organization appears to be making further roster moves this year after the departure of Tsvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov earlier this month. With Jerric "wiz" Jiang, Wesley "viz" Harris, and Jeorge "jeorgesnorts" Endicott listed as substitutes for Evil Geniuses' main roster at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023, it looks like wiz is the prime candidate to replace the Bulgarian's spot on the roster.

A promotion for wiz means that EG Black are on the lookout for a new AWPer just in time for the fl0m Cup, with them settling on Paytyn "junior" Johnson. The former FURIA and Complexity AWPer has been on the sidelines since the summer of 2022 and remained relatively quiet since then, playing in a few Cash Cups here and there. This will be his first official match as part of an established team on HLTV since July 5th at the IEM Cologne Play-in.

Dust2.us reached out to Complexity CS:GO General Manager Graham "messioso" Pitt in regards to junior's upcoming appearance with EG Black. He stated;

It's great that Paytyn can get back on the server in a more official capacity. He's always expressed that he wants to stay in CS:GO and has been waiting for the right opportunity to come around so we are happy he can help EG out this week. He remains open and available for transfer so interested parties should reach out.

With junior and Complexity open to negotiations, this move could be seen as a trial run for the young star.

Dust2.us also reached out to the coach of EG Black, Tommy "Axed" Ryan, who declined to comment, as well as representatives from Evil Geniuses PR team. We will update the story should they respond back.

for the fl0m Cup, EG Black is fielding the following lineup

  • Canada Colby "Walco" Walsh

  • United States William "RUSH" Wierzba

  • Canada Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz

  • United States Jeorge "jeorgesnorts" Endicott

  • United States Paytyn "junior" Johnson (Stand-in)

  • United States Wesley "viz" Harris (Substitute)

  • United States Tommy "Axed" Ryan (Coach)

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