Valkyries round out roster with two additions

The dissolution of Please Send Bocks has given Valkyries new pieces to work with.

Shortly after the beginning of the year, Valkyries announced that they would be on the hunt for two new players to complete their squad. After only a few days, Valkyries have found the missing pieces, linking up with Vanessa "Vanessa" Gideon and Abby "abby" to finalize their roster.

Vanessa and abby make their way to Valkyries shortly after the disbandment of Please Send Bocks, their former squad, less than a week ago. Despite successes in the form of three ESL Impact Cash Cup victories, Please Send Bocks struggled elsewhere in the ESL Impact circuit, falling to EG Gold and We Dem Gurlz in the first and second open qualifiers for ESL Impact Katowice, respectively.

Despite ending on this unfortunate note, Please Send Bocks' Charissa "Senna" Hoang when reached for comment stated that the parting of ways of the squad was amicable and that the decision stemmed from players wanting to "try their luck on a different team instead of staying together for the long term".

Valkyries will be looking to bolster their lineup after the departures of Samantha "kyler" McGinley and Kristen "PippySippy" Hendrickson. Valkyries ended their year in similar circumstances to Please Send Bocks, as the squad racked up a runner-up finish and a victory in the 4th and 5th ESL Impact Autumn Cash Cups. In the ESL Impact Katowice open qualifiers, Valkyries clawed their way to the semifinals both times, but were unable to reach the BO3 grand final in both instances.

Valkyries head into the 2023 season with the following roster:

  • United States Lindsey "Blender" Houchin

  • United States Stella "Galy" Castro

  • United States Andrea "Andrea" Bracewell

  • United States Vanessa "Vanessa" Gideon

  • United States Abby "abby"

Having missed out on ESL Impact Katowice, Valkyries will now be anticipating the start of Season 3 of the ESL Impact League.

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