7AM change one

7AM NA's star rifler has been benched due to out-of-server behavior.

With just one match under their belts since joining 7AM, the team have made a change to their starting lineup, Bradley "Slugy" Kohler moved to the bench while Connor "TiCx" Hartman has been called up from ESEA Advanced.

The move comes as something of a surprise as Slugy is far and the away the team's best performer, posting a 1.14 rating over 60 maps. The rest of the team unfortunately does not compare favorably as the second highest-rated player, Devin "AtomiK" Ferrell, has a 0.99 rating over 44 maps. While TiCx also has a similar rating, he does join the team with some ECL/Premier experience albeit from more than two years ago. Back in ESEA MDL Season 34, TiCx played with pug squad Buffdaddy's Paypal Team.

Regarding this sudden change to the squad, 7AM NA's IGL, Max "SolGoat" Wallace, told Dust2.us, "due to some out-of-server disagreements, we felt that we could no longer work with Slugy on a long-term basis and have moved him to a substitute role for the remainder of the season."

While SolGoat declined to further comment, this is not the first time Slugy's out-of-server conduct has landed him in hot water. The 19-year-old was previously banned from FPL over offensive comments made in voice and text chat while playing in the hub.

With this sudden change, 7AM NA are now:

  • United States Max "SolGoat" Wallace

  • United States Isaac "Izik" Zeigler

  • United States Devin "AtomiK" Ferrell

  • United States Andrew "Drew" Warkentin

  • United States Connor "TiCx" Hartman

  • United States Bradley "Slugy" Kohler (Inactive)

  • United States Michael "MaestrO" Bulostin (Coach)

With their new fifth, 7AM NA have a big task ahead of them as they take on EG Black tonight at 08:00PM.

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#1(With 0 replies)
November 29, 2022 07:41PM
L move
#2(With 0 replies)
November 29, 2022 08:38PM
Rough. Seems like Slugy is held back by his mentality/personality because imo he's a top 5 rifler in ECL
#3(With 0 replies)
November 30, 2022 07:52AM
7AM to advanced no shot they make it through in relegation, this team is so sub par now
#4(With 0 replies)
November 30, 2022 01:00PM
Yeah yeah, the plan is all coming together for shakezullah
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