IEM Rio breaks viewership milestone

The first day of the Legends stage brought over a millions eyes concurrently.

Stockholm winners NAVI taking on the number one HLTV ranked team Vitality brought out an incredible crowd, not just from the Riocentro, but throughout the world. The opening match-up saw over a million viewers added up with the B-stream game of NIP vs fnatic, according to esports charts.

Most Majors don't find their million viewer game until later, but a combination of a top three match-up and the unparallel energy of this Brazilian Major meant this game rose to the top quicker than any event before.

The peak viewers for the Legends stage at PGL Major Antwerp was just over 1.1 million with G2 taking on FURIA in the 4th day. With the Rio Legends almost surpassing that amount in just the first day, this could be the biggest Counter-Strike event of all time.

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