The head coach took to twitter to share a bunch of stories over the last few weeks

Ranking Vorborg's EG Stories

The Evil Geniuses head coach, in search of clout and followers, retold several hilarious stories from his time at the RMR, EPL, and BLAST.

It's normal for all of us to re-tell our hilarious stories among friends, so with Evil Geniuses Head Coach Daniel "Vorborg" Vorborg, his tales of Jaden "HexT" Postma's antics were one to behold. So, as the good samaritans of North American Counter-Strike storytelling, we have decided to collect all of them and memorialize them in one place. But, we would be doing a disservice if we didn't have some creative freedom with the content. So while we are gladly re-sharing all of his stories, we have also decided to arbitrarily rank them on how funny the newsroom found them.

#7: neaLaN's copycat ordering

Anyone in NA knows that Tsvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov is known for his passion for fashion, but apparently, his food choices are so good that Sanzhar "neaLaN" Iskhakov just can't resist in following behind all of his choices. Although, I do have to say, I gotta know which fish he was ordering as that's always hit or miss. Score: 6.7/10

#6: HexT's lack of fashion

Apparently, Tim "autimatic" Ta has a solid enough closet that it's even got the coach's attention. They say that when you feel good and look good, you might also perform... well. Given autimatic's 1.16 HLTV Rating over the last three months, maybe there is some truth to that. So, after autimatic balled out at BLAST, looks like HexT decided to follow suit... Score: 6.9/10

#5: HexT jinxes it

We all love some good trashtalk and there are several instances where HexT is featured with his comments from Vorborg. As we all know, talking shit when you're down can sometimes help you, but for HexT his timing can is never always the best, especially when it comes up against better opponents... Score: 7.0/10

#4: Vorborg's coaching calls

The hallmark of a good coach is one that gets to know their players and the hallmark of a good player is laying everything out on the table with a new coach. For autimatic, it looks like exemplified his professionalism by having a... five hour call? Honestly, I don't think there is anyone I could talk to for five hours about anything. It also seems like HexT was much more in my boat. Score 7.6/10

#3: HexT jinxes it. Again.

At BLAST, HexT was truly getting his confidence together for the first time being in such a big team. So, when he was just talking to himself and trying to get hyped, he decided to call FaZe "shit", but Will "RUSH" Wierzba told him he should speak up. Well, HexT really decided to take it upon himself to jinx the whole team. Score 8.1/10

#2: neaLaN just don't give a fuck

EG's game against FURIA was probably the most nerve-wracking game for any NA fan. Was this the time that EG could truly show up against a top opponent? Was EG going to be able to pull it out? How was neaLaN going to handle the tough decisions? Well, turns out, you just have to have some pretty massive balls and not care that you're going to stack the same place three rounds in a row. Score 8.5/10

#1: It's all Brehze, baby

Brehze seems to be one of the shier personalities on the squad, but his quips are clearly top notch. Before an EPL game, Vorborg went to go check in with the tenured EG man to make sure that he was locked in for the game, despite being quiet in the lead up. With Brehze feeling ready as ever, I think I need a video this time to hear Brehze call Vorborg a "baby girl". Score 9.2/10

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