IEM Rio NA RMR Open Qualifier 2 heats up; EG confirmed, one more to qualify!

With just eight teams remaining at the beginning of today, those will be whittled down to just two teams at the end!

Yesterday's action, while intense, put seven of the top eight teams in the eight remaining teams. Evil Geniuses, the first seed, just narrowly defeated Limitless in an overtime affair. Nonetheless, that's in the past, and we have just four best of ones and two best of threes to decide the next two participants in the NA RMR in Stockholm. Evil Geniuses have taken down oNe and BHOP to secure their spot in the NA RMR, congratulations to EG!

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07:45PM - Just two bo3s to decide the next two NA representatives

We're only left with four teams fighting it out. As these are the qualification matches, these will be best-of-three, so get a snack and settle down, we're ready for a brawl. ATK just narrowly survived the Mythic stream team, and in fact, all four matches were close, with every team at least getting double digits. Now, though, it's the big leagues. Winners get a flight to Sweden, the loser has to try again.

Evil Geniuses 2-0 BHOP (bo3)
Strife 1-2 ATK (bo3)

06:05PM - Eight teams remain, last best-of-ones on the cards

Just four best-of-ones remain in the second Open Qualifier. The winners of these matches will play each other in best-of-threes to determine the two more NA representatives. ATK have looked very strong throughout the qualifier, and while EG looked strong at the beginning, they very nearly were eliminated at the hands of Limitless in the previous day. All the last teams are extremely strong, so all these matches are sure to be entertaining.

Evil Geniuses 16-13 oNe Live on stream
BHOP 16-11 Vendetta
timbermen 13-16 Strife
ATK 22-20 Mythic

You can also see the previous matches from day 1 of the Open Qualifier below.

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September 2, 2022 09:10AM
Let’s go EG
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September 2, 2022 10:24AM
Got the score from ATK vs Strife mixed up on the final day scoobert
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September 2, 2022 12:57PM
That was my bad, thank you for catching that!
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