Americas RMR heads across the pond

The ESL Studios in Stockholm will be host to the IEM Rio Amercas RMR.

ESL have just announced that the Americas RMR for the IEM Rio Major will be held in Stockholm, Sweden. The event will kick off on Wednesday the 5th of October as the best North and South American teams compete for the six Major spots available.

This may come as a shock to some with rumors circulating that the RMR would be held in the states. The reason behind the RMR being held in Europe is quite simple, for Brazilian teams it can be difficult to get visas into the USA as opposed to Europe. The visa requirement for Sweden is much easier, so having it hosted in the ESL studios of Stockholm just makes everything that much easier.

The teams that will be in attendance are:

United States Liquid
United States Complexity
United States ex-Gaimin Gladiators
NA Open Qualifer #2
NA Open Qualifer #2
SA Open Qualifier #3

00 Nation
O Plano
NA Open Qualifer #3
NA Open Qualifer #3
SA Open Qualifier #3

For many NA teams going to compete in Stockholm is something they probably never imagined, let alone competing for a spot in the Major and with just four NA spots left at the RMR it will be interesting to see who will make it.

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#1(With 0 replies)
August 23, 2022 12:55PM
Atleast the reason is super good,was worried it would just be because there is a studio setup there to use but the visa stuff makes sensr
#2(With 0 replies)
August 23, 2022 01:32PM
Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
#3(With 0 replies)
August 23, 2022 02:01PM
I get the visa stuff, but I just wish we could have some tournament of note in NA (excluding dallas). I mean we're deciding the American representatives to the Major, it should be in America. Maybe in rio would be cool because its in the Americas and players should be getting their visas anyways for the Major
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