Although the competition was not very fierce, cxzi and co. will be pleased with this win

New-look BHOP secure ESEA x Fragadelphia Summer Cash Cup 2 victory

BHOP bested EG.CD's core in the final to secure the Cash Cup win.

Earlier this week, BHOP came out on top in the ESEA x Fragadelphia Summer Cash Cup 2 over Doing Fun, a mix team consisting of the core trio from Evil Geniuses' Carpe Diem squad. With this win, BHOP have netted themselves the grand prize of $4,000 and 4,000 Fragadelphia Points.

This Cash Cup saw considerably less traffic than usual due to the ongoing player break, leaving only a handful of ECL and Advanced squads to duke it out for the grand prize. Other than a 16-13 scare against Steven "drayza" Wisemore's The Forest, BHOP had few issues on the first day. Some notable upsets, however, included top-seed Brazen falling to the aforementioned Doing Fun in a double-overtime thriller while timbermen fell to Khizar "Momo" Rehman and Saad "Pluto" Siraj's Stream Snipers.

BHOP's second day in the Cash Cup kicked off with the squad matching up against Stream Snipers, starting on the latter's choice of Overpass. BHOP stayed in control of much of the first half, eking out a 9-6 half before running away with their opponent's pick on the T-side, racking up seven of the last nine rounds to steal it away 16-8. BHOP's pick of Inferno saw the ECL side dominate in the first half, before starting to stall in the second half. In the end, BHOP managed to close Inferno out 16-11 to speed ahead towards the grand finals.

Although BHOP's opponent in the finals, Doing Fun, was a mixteam, they were not to be underestimated, with a trio of players from Evil Geniuses bolstered by Alan "Shakezullah" Hardeman and Gabe "Spongey" Greiner. The series started out fairly rough for BHOP, with Doing Fun taking control of the first half of the mixteam's pick of Overpass to net a 9-6 lead on the T-side. After the side switch, Shakezullah and his men only dropped one round en route to locking down their map pick, shutting out BHOP with a 16-7 scoreline.

Doing Fun kept up the momentum on BHOP's pick of Inferno, snagging a solid 5-1 start before Silas "silas" Marrufo and co. built their way back into the game, eventually overtaking Doing Fun to claim the lead 8-7 at the half. The close back-and-forth nature of the map continued into the second half, with BHOP barely coming out on top 16-14 after nearly allowing the game to go to overtime.

The momentum was with BHOP on the decider map of Mirage, as the ECL side leaped ahead to a resounding 12-3 lead on the CT-side. To follow up their first half scoreline, BHOP quickly snatched the first three rounds of the second half, looking to imminently close out the game. Doing Fun finally found their footing on the defense, stringing together an eight-round streak to reach double digits and leave BHOP sweating. In the end, BHOP managed to scrounge together the last round they needed, closing out Mirage with a laborious 16-11 scoreline.

Doing Fun
1 - 2
All maps
Doing Fun K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Jerric 'wiz' Jiang 64 - 55 +9 80.7 72.5% 1.23
Canada Jadan 'HexT' Postma 64 - 59 +5 83.2 73.8% 1.21
Canada Colby 'Walco' Walsh 54 - 58 -4 77.7 68.8% 1.04
United States Gabe 'Spongey' Greiner 47 - 51 -4 67.8 67.5% 0.94
United States Alan 'Shakezullah' Hardeman 45 - 55 -10 66.8 70.0% 0.89
BHOP K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Canada Brody 'BeaKie' Kelly 62 - 47 +15 88.0 77.5% 1.25
United States Silas 'silas' Marrufo 68 - 51 +17 79.3 75.0% 1.18
United States Brett 'brett' Rhein 63 - 55 +8 85.2 66.2% 1.12
United States Danny 'cxzi' Strzelczyk 53 - 63 -10 78.0 71.2% 0.95
United States Austin 'AAustiN' Urb 32 - 59 -27 53.9 67.5% 0.72

The final standings for this Cash Cup are:

1. United States BHOP - $4,000 and 4,000 Fragadelphia Points
2. United States Doing Fun - $2,000 and 2,000 Fragadelphia Points
3-4. United States Golden State Warriors - 1,000 Fragadelphia Points
3-4. Streamsnipers - 1,000 Fragadelphia Points

BHOP will now be eagerly awaiting the start of ECL Season 42, set to begin on August 16th, but in the meantime, they and many other teams may be interested in the ESEA x Fragadelphia Summer Cash Cup 3, which is scheduled to start on July 30th.

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July 26, 2022 10:54AM
they looked pretty insane when they played against doing fun, they will be a tough team they to play against in challenger league, hope to see them at fragdelphia as well
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