After a disappointing showing in Dallas, the duo are ready to do some pubstomping on ESEA

EliGE and oSee look to unwind in this week's ESEA Cash Cup

The two Liquid stars are currently competing with friends on two different squads.

Among the sign-ups for this week's ESEA x Fragadelphia Summer Cash Cup 1 Liquid's Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski and Josh "oSee" Ohm have thrown their hats into the ring, with EliGE playing alongside a mostly intact Northern Forces while oSee is playing with a mixteam called Doing Fun. While oSee is no stranger to playing Cash Cups from his Extra Salt days, this will unsurprisingly be EliGE's first Cash Cup, as Liquid and its star players rarely face off against the NA subtop.

As previously mentioned, outside of the glaring addition of EliGE, Northern Forces' lineup is pretty close to standard, with Benjamin "niise" Mauldin being out of action this weekend. Doing Fun on the other hand, is a completely bespoke mixteam as oSee is playing alongside Bad News Bears duo Alan "Shakezullah" Hardeman and Gabe "Spongey" Greiner, former 00 Nation player Mario "malbsMd" Samayoa, and Tyler "tweiss" Weiss.

Alongside these two unusual rosters, this week's cash cup features the usual suspects from ECL, including ATK, BHOP, Brazen, and Gaimin Gladiators alongside a number of Advanced squads.

The two rosters with Liquid stars are:

Northern Forces:

  • United States Matthew "Cryptic" Whitmore

  • Sebastian "Florence" O.

  • Canada Adam "freshie" Paterson

  • United States Bradley "Slugy" Kohler

  • United States Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski

  • Dave "Dave" Tereshin (Coach)

Doing Fun:

  • United States Josh "oSee" Ohm

  • United States Alan "Shakezullah" Hardeman

  • United States Gabe "Spongey" Greiner

  • Guatemala Mario "malbsMd" Samayoa

  • United States Tyler "tweiss" Weiss

EliGE and oSee are still a long way from meeting each other in the bracket however, should they cross swords it will be the first time the two players have been on opposing sides since oSee was acquired from Extra Salt at the start of 2022.

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June 11, 2022 07:10PM
Doing fun kinda stacked
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June 11, 2022 07:59PM
that lineup is mental at its peak
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