Davenport expand international efforts with Estonian rifler

Davenport continue to look abroad for hidden gems to beef up their program.

Davenport University have announced the addition of 19-year-old Estonian, Denis "swicher" Baranov, to their collegiate CS:GO program. swicher's addition is the latest step in Davenport's efforts to build an international program, with former Extra Salt player Alan "Sonic" Groesbeek joining the team on June 1st.

swicher is a relatively new face to the scene, having only played his first season of ESEA at the end of 2017. He has spent the majority of his career playing for Levadia eLions, one of a few local Estonian esports organization based in the rapidly developing region. During his time with Levadia, swicher won a number of local Baltic LAN events and helped the squad to qualify to ESEA Advanced. He was sidelined at the start of the year as part of changes that saw former OpTic player Kevin "HS" Tarn join the team.

Regarding the addition of swicher, Davenport's coach, Colin "koi" Thor told Dust2.us:

swicher is one of the next big prodigies out of Estonia. He's one of the more balanced riflers from the region and was on the radar of several academy teams in Europe.

He also popped up on our radar as a possible addition several months ago, and we were happy to end up with him after he reached out. He's already fluent in English and I'm 100% committed to building talent from wherever on the planet they are, and we were happy to be one of the bright spots on his career as he starts to take off internationally. I've always been a big fan of Baltic CS so I'm confident he'll fit in both from a firepower and mentality perspective, especially given the resources we have.

koi also teased to Dust2.us that swicher will not be the last additional to Davenport's collegiate program, with "both domestic and international" additions on the horizon.

Davenport's current, all-American, lineup are set to play in ESEA Advanced Season 41 playoffs after ending the regular season with a 10-3 record.

Davenport University's main roster is currently:

  • United States Spencer "Pugg" Moore

  • United States Collin "CoJoMo" Moren

  • United States Brandon "BeBO" Miller

  • United States Tommy "corn" Eckhart

  • United States Nate "spek" Smith

  • United States Colin "koi" Thor (Head Coach)

  • United States Grant "GKaay" Kino (Assistant Coach)

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