CSPPA and Major teams agree not to use smoke bug

Every team at the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 has agreed against using the bug.

Last night a clip surfaced of Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov combining a smoke with the normal smoke for mid-window on mirage to create a one-way that allowed him to get two kills. The combination of the two smokes seems have created some sort of bug which creates a hole in the smoke. The round three smoke bug gave m0NESY the space to secure three frags in the matter of seconds, securing the third round for the G2 lineup. Although the team already won two rounds prior, the abused bug was a catalyst for G2 to win the third win and eventually compound it into a fourth. After G2 secured a fourth round, Imperial was able to respond with a revenge round of their own to cut the deficit to 4-1. This is when m0NESY was seen using the exploit a second time. G2 would not only win the sixth round off the back of the exploit, but they won the round after to secure number six. Since the posting of the original clip, several other examples have emerged.

According to the AWPer, which has been confirmed by PGL, admins at the RMR approved its use. This comes under some controversy as many have criticized the allowance due to its game-breaking mechanic. The bug is intentionally exploited through careful smoke lineups after one smoke has already been in play. However, the "infinite molly" bug has been allowed and others see that as equally "game breaking".

This morning the CSPPA (Counter-Strike Professional Player Association) and specifically Martin "STYKO" Styk have asked every team in attendance at the Major to vote on whether the bug should be used or not. Before every vote was officially cast Dust2.us, HLTV and Dust2.com.br reached out to all the teams and we can now confirm that the bug will not be used today. It's important to note that G2 were one of the first eight teams to vote against using the bug.

The gentleman's agreement that all the teams have come to follows the precedent set at a different PGL event, the Krakow Major in 2017. This is when BIG exploited the "jump bug" and, just like this event, the admins allowed for the bug to be used however all the teams came to an agreement to not use it.

Most of the reactions to this bug have been in the same vein, claiming that m0NESY should not be punished but that the bug should indeed be banned. With PGL's official decision to not ban it, this agreement from the teams is a huge win for the CSPPA and proves they are committed to the players they represent.

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