Securing a spot in the Major still hasn't fully set in for floppy

floppy: "I think we have a lot of potential with this team as long as we just keep working on our mistakes"

floppy thinks Complexity can continue to improve as a roster so long as they keep working hard.

As the Americas RMR winds down,' Dafydd Gwynn managed to catch up with Ricky "floppy" Kemery about making the Major. The pair also touched on the potential Complexity has and what the difference between competitive CS:GO and VALORANT is.

Well, you're going to the Major, like just tell me how it feels.

I mean, it hasn't really hit me yet. As I've said - I don't know, it really hasn't hit me. It eventually will, probably later tonight when I watch the game back and I'm looking at all the comments people type on like Reddit and HLTV and

It's obviously an amazing feeling, even if it hasn't hit you yet, was this expected?

I think from our perspective we definitely had a big opportunity to make it and we managed to do it. I think a lot of people from the outside think it was a meme because we're from NA, it's kind of a troll, but there are a lot of good teams here, so it's definitely a challenge to be able to qualify.

Would you say you are happy with the performance you guys just put up against São Caetano?

Yeah, today, it was definitely a good performance from us.

And did they impress you the way they played against you guys as well?

I mean, considering the amount of time they played, we looked on HLTV. They have like 12 maps in the last three months, so I think it's hard for any team be the absolute best when you're not playing that many games.

So speaking of going through, how does it feel to be the first NA team to make it to the major?

Yeah, it feels good. I went on Twitter for like one minute and I just see everyone just Tweeting about it, Complexity, for any team to qualify for a Major. But, yeah, it's definitely a great feeling.

And who else are you expecting to see in that Major with you?

Well, Liquid versus EG is definitely one, and one of those teams has to make it for sure, but I think... well who's qualified so far, us, FURIA, MIBR, Imperial? So, I think it's going to be Liquid and EG to qualify.

So you guys are the youngest, by average, team age here and you have a high ceiling. Is this the start of an NA superteam?

I mean, I don't want to make any junior-style comments, but it could be. It could be a flop, but I mean anything could happen. I think we have a lot of potential with this team as long as we just keep working on our mistakes, working the best we can. We can go anywhere when your potential's there.

Speaking of your future, what would you say is the minimum expectation you want to have?

I think definitely making it to Legends because we've already qualified for Challengers, so I think making it to Legends is definitely a good expectation to have for that event.

As I just said, you guys are quite young, who gives you the veteran presence on the team?

Besides T.c because he's a little bit older than the rest of us, I think it has to be JT because he is the oldest on the team and he's, in terms of personalities, the most mature, so I think it's good to have that on a team, especially the in-game leader to have that more stoic approach to the game where you're calm and collected about what you want to do in the round, especially in mid-rounds and stuff like that so I think it definitely has to be JT for sure.

So then who's your biggest shit-talker?

Biggest shit-talker... I mean we don't really have a shit-talker, but I'd say the one who has the most energy would probably have to be probably FaNg. Like when everyone wins or someone gets some 4K or whatever, or a clutch or something, I think it has to be FaNg with the energy. And then with me, I'm just chilling so...

And do you guys kind of balance each other out in terms of all those different entities?

Yeah. I mean, I'd definitely say that, just the same wavelength one might say.

So who would you say that you're looking forward to playing the most at the Major?

I'm trying to think of teams that are bold, but that are going to be there. I mean, everyone else has to qualify still, right? So, I think FaZe will probably go there. I think FaZe are a really strong team like that four-core people like rain, Twistzz, broky, and ropz, like that's just a crazy quarter and karrigan calling as well, so I think FaZe has to be one of the teams. Probably NAVI will qualify too and those are the two teams that come to my head, I can’t think of anything else.

Well, just to bring you back, you've had a mad journey through the NA scene. And then going away and coming back, you probably had the least rust on you out of every single player that went away and came back. What was the biggest change that you saw when you came back that you didn't expect to see?

So, in the game itself?

Yeah, or the scene, or whatever it might be.

Biggest change in VALORANT is, I'd say, the frequency of tournaments. There's a lot more tournaments every month versus in VALORANT, and it feels like you're just practicing for three months straight and then you're playing a tournament. So I think there's definitely just a lot more tournaments in CS instead of just practicing all the time.

Seeing ben1337 here, are you like kind of rooting for them, like as your ex-teammates from Win Scrims Not Matches?

Yeah, absolutely. I root for everyone on Partynauts, especially ben1337 and PwnAlone since I played with them before.

And how would you rate ben1337 as a player and seeing how he is right now?

In this event he's been sick. This guy's been talking like every match. It's actually crazy to see. I love it.

And then, with the the last few spots, who do you expect to be better; NA or SA?

In terms of the remaining teams? Well there's six spots and NA's qualified. We have one NA and one Brazil. I'd say, Party Astronauts, Liquid, and EG will qualify. I think Party Astronauts do have a chance so that's four NA teams and then Imperial and MIBR, so I think it's four to two I think. I think they have a chance.

Do you have anything you want to say to any NA CS fans out there?

Thanks for the support! I read every comment as bad as it might be. I do read everything. It's important so many thanks for the support.

Complexity's 3-1 campaign in the Americas RMR sees them book their ticket to the Major next month. They will now be eagerly awaiting the start of the prestigious event which is slated to begin on May 9th.

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