Kinship drop Subarashii; clipsanity future uncertain

The lineup was one series win outside of a top-five finish.

Kinship is on the hunt for new talent ahead of ESEA Advanced Season 41 after finishing the previous season in sixth place with a 9-5 regular-season record. The team encountered inconsistencies in performance throughout the season, going on a winning streak of five before going on an eventual three-match loss skid. The team rallied back by winning three of four matches to close the season, earning them a playoff berth.

After earning a playoff spot and scoring wins over Snakes Den and the eventual fourth-placing Limitless, Kinship would fall short to Philadelphia Liberty, Unjustified, and finally UYU in the fifth-place decider BO3 to determine the final attendee to the ECL Season 40 Relegation. After their loss to UYU, Kinship talent Sebastian "Florence" O. took to Twitter for the announcement.

The announcement from Florence leaves Sean "Subarashii" Tuttle and potentially Mike "clipsanity" Yelnikov without a roster to represent for next season. Following the announced removal from Kinship, Subarashii took to Twitter to clear the air about his future, noting that he would be indefinitely taking a break from Counter-Strike to pursue an internship ahead of graduation. As for clipsanity, his in-server future remains unknown, but he did tweet he is "hoping to come back stronger next season".

After falling a series short of an ECL Relegation invite the leftover core has high hopes to break the ceiling and achieve heights unseen by the Kinship branding.

Kinship's Season 41 roster currently is:

  • United States Matthew "Cryptic" Whitmore

  • Sebastian "Florence" O.

  • United States Benjamin "niise" Mauldin

  • United States Jolene "jaro" Aro (Substitute)

  • Dave "Dave" Tereshin (Coach)

Kinship will look to find a replacement for Subarashii and potentially clipsanity before the start of ESEA Advanced Season 41 on April 25th.

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