Liquid look to save NACS at ESL Pro League

Liquid and Party Astronauts compete in ESL Pro League Group C

It's a party in Group C with three North American-based teams competing against European competition

With Group C set to kick off its matches shortly, North America will finally see its debut inside of the Pro League’s fifteenth season with the pair of Liquid and Party Astronauts set to do battle with four other top teams for three spots in the playoffs.

Party Astronauts come into Pro League with a lot to prove following the controversies surrounding the team as of late. Although the team has been through the wringer, coach Joe “Muenster” Lima’s hopes in their European ventures have not waned. “With everything that's been happening we're just happy to have finally gotten here … Our expectations are of course to win as many matches as possible.”

Muenster and company will be forced to swim in deep waters immediately, as they will kick off their Pro League ventures against Players. Given the global climate outside of Counter-Strike, their opposition is currently undergoing controversy of their own. Muenster was not letting that have any factor in their preparation, “Regardless of what is going on in the world, we're going into this matchup with the expectation that they are still one of the best teams in the world and it will take an amazing show of skill, and insane level of focus to beat them. Despite their position as one of the top teams, we know that CS is never perfect and even titans make mistakes that can we can capitalize on. There is always a chance and we will do our best to grab it.”

As for Liquid, they have something to prove in their own right. The new-look Liquid has yet to make major waves internationally since revamping the roster to kick off the 2022 season. They qualified to the American RMR with ease, but watching eyes are waiting to see them translate that online form into something tangible at LAN. Liquid will begin their Pro League matches at the tail end of the first day against BIG.

Today's matches are:

United States Party Astronauts vs Players at Today 07:30AM
Brazil GODSENT vs Movistar Riders at Today 11:00AM
United States Liquid vs BIG at Today 02:30PM

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