CLASIA has found a new home not long after leaving Gaimin Gladiators

CLASIA replaces jitter on Carpe Diem

The move sees CLASIA reunite with his former RBG teammates.

Carpe Diem have bolstered their roster with the addition of Anthony "CLASIA" Kearney, taking over Jordon "jitter" Ruggiero's spot as the latter player opted to step down from the team. This change comes just two days after CLASIA departed from Gaimin Gladiators, citing an unenjoyable playing environment caused by certain teammates.

For Colby "Walco" Walsh and his men, CLASIA is a familiar face, as CLASIA played with the squad under the RBG banner from April to August of 2021. During his time with RBG, CLASIA helped the squad to a 5-3 regular-season record in ESEA Premier Season 37, securing the team a spot in the playoffs. Unfortunately, RBG did not make it particularly far in the playoffs, as they were eliminated after losses at the hands of Extra Salt and Triumph, with their only victory being over GGPR.

Following ESEA Premier Season 37, RBG made the decision to cut CLASIA from the squad, due to attitude issues affecting the team's cohesion. Shortly after his removal, CLASIA made a final appearance with RBG at Fragadelphia 15, filling in for jitter who was unable to attend the event. In his last hurrah with the team, CLASIA posted a team-high rating of 1.20 in 15 maps, propelling RBG to a third-place finish that netted them a spot in a subsequent BLAST Premier Qualifier.

After his exit from RBG, CLASIA found a home with the infamous ChocoCheck, with whom he played ESEA Premier Season 39 and the bulk of ESL Challenger League Season 40. CLASIA helped ChocoCheck attain a respectable 6-2 regular-season record in Season 39, qualifying the team for the season playoffs. After a strong run which saw the team take down oNe, RBG, and paiN, ChocoCheck controversially opted to forfeit the grand final against Extra Salt.

Aside from the debacle of ESEA Premier Season 39, CLASIA played with ChocoCheck for several ESEA Cash Cups and was one of the four players from that team signed by Gaimin Gladiators. Under that new banner, the team finished 5th-8th at Fragadelphia 16, and currently post a 4-2 regular-season record in ECL Season 40.

Making way for the addition of CLASIA is jitter, who was the player brought on to replace CLASIA when he was cut in August of 2021. In his eight-month tenure with RBG/Carpe Diem, jitter won two ESEA Cash Cups, helped to secure his team playoff finishes in Premier/ECL twice, and ventured to Europe to compete in the ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference. It is worth noting that jitter and Carpe Diem parting ways was an amicable move, with jitter offering to play the team's last ECL match against Bad News Bears before stepping down to make room for CLASIA.

Carpe Diem's roster is now the following:

  • Canada Colby "Walco" Walsh

  • United States Jerric "wiz" Jiang

  • United States Jadan "HexT" Postma

  • United States Connor "chop" Sullivan

  • United States Anthony "CLASIA" Kearney

  • United States Tommy "Axed" Ryan (Coach)

CLASIA will be making his debut with Carpe Diem in short order, as the team is slated to play their final ECL match of the regular season against Bad News Bears today at 08:00PM.

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