iDk is back in action after four months away from competition

Brazilian team led by iDk seek organizational support

The recently formed team has already qualified for regional tournaments and has its sights set on the Major.

The Brazilian team FreeStyle, headlined by Victor "iDk" Torraca and Matheus "prt" Scuvero, is actively seeking an organization to represent ahead of a busy March that includes attending the CBCS Retake Series. The event, beginning March 25th, will pit sixteen of the best Brazilian teams outside of tier-one, giving the growing lineups a chance to separate themselves from their domestic rivals and also win the greater share of the almost $5,000 prize pool.

iDk has been active in the Brazilian scene for some time, and has had stints in the active lineup for many notable domestic organizations, including INTZ, oNe, Imperial, and Yeah. The rifler was most recently seen as a part of Paquetá in 2021, but has been inactive in the team since October. Although the two were never teammates under oNe, he and prt do share the mutual experience of playing for the organization. prt was most recently benched from the active lineup just over a month ago following a near two-year tenure in the starting lineup. Rounding out FreeStyle's ex-oNe trio is Cássio "cass1n" Santos, a 19-year-old talent that had a brief two-month stint with oNe alongside teammate prt.

Joining the oNe alumni is former Case member Denis "dzt" Fischer. dzt was a part of the previous Case lineup for nearly a year before being benched last July. The organization would eventually settle on a rebuild that included former Major runner-up Lucas “steel” Lopes and ex-FURIA prospect Lucas “Honda” Honda in late January, leaving dzt looking for a new home before landing a spot with the team.

Rounding out the roster is Kaique “kai” Guidotti, who has been looking for a permanent home since splitting from Bravos late last year following nearly 20 months as a part of the starting lineup. The mind leading the men in the coaching position is Guilherme "duken" Góes, a former player with experience as a part of notable organizations Yeah, INTZ, Keyd, and paiN. After nearly four years away from competition, duken returns as the coach of the team, hoping to propel the already experienced lineup even further.

The team has found quick success since its formation, qualifying for the CBCS Retake Series in the fourth and final open qualifier on their first attempt. In pursuit of qualification, they trounced Santos, a team backed by the similarly-named Brazilian football club, in a best-of-one, as well as GODSENT Academy in a convincing best-of-three victory. Following their success, iDk sat down with Roque Marques of ge esports to discuss the importance of having an organization backing his team, stating, "With an organization, you can dedicate yourself 100% to Counter-Strike. Without it, you are left with many uncertainties. Today we don't have all the support that an organization can offer us, so we only do what we can." The captain of the team had many positive things to say about the team so far, adding, "This set has worked very well, it's one of the first teams I play where everyone has an open mind to listen to criticism and evolve with them. I can say that in this lineup there is no ego, so this has helped a lot inside and outside the game."

The team is in a great position to prove themselves to any potential organizations looking to sign them, as they could be seeing a potentially busy month of March as a lineup. Besides CBCS beginning at the end of March, there are two South American open qualifiers, between March 3rd and 6th, where a good showing could land the team at the American RMR in April. With the ultimate goal of making it to the Major on the line, "the secret is to dedicate yourself a lot to get prepared for the start of the season", iDk determined.

With the lineup looking for an organization to call home, it is worth noting that four of the six members are free agents, with no buyout needed to sign them to a roster. However, to secure dzt and prt, their current contracts with Case and oNe would have to be bought out or reached expiry before the two can freely head to a new organization. When reached for comment, prt could not disclose his buyout amount with oNe, but was able to reveal that it is "way below the market" and that his contract ends "in the start of 2023". At the time of writing, dzt has not commented on his buyout.

The FreeStyle lineup is:

  • Brazil Victor "iDk" Torraca

  • Brazil Matheus "prt" Scuvero

  • Brazil Cassio "cass1n" Santos

  • Brazil Denis "dzt" Fischer

  • Brazil Kaique "kai" Guidotti

  • Brazil Guilherme "Duken" Góes (Coach)

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