pavel returning to Brazil

The 18-year-old is heading home after almost three seasons in the United States.

Felipe "pavel" Costa will be leaving the United States on Friday and returning to his home country of Brazil.

The player originally came to the US with Dai Dai Gaming, where his team put in a disappointing performance in winter conditions at Fragadelphia 10, ultimately going 1-2 in the first group stage and exiting in 21/30th place.

Since leaving Dai Dai in February earlier in the year (the team would go on to form what is now Gorilla Core), he plied his trade for a series of Intermediate and Main teams, before getting the call up to MDL this season. There, after a brief stint with the ill-fated ANTI-ECO CLUB, he linked up with LFAO as a replacement for Belal "FGB" Ahmad. The freshman squad would surprisingly finish tenth in the league and just outside of playoff contention.

The high-point of pavel's American adventure likely came when he was briefly called up to a Tempo Storm team that was in disarray due to having members trying out for the equally chaotic Immortals side. He would play only two maps with the team, in which they were soundly defeated by their countrymen in Luminosity.

The Brazilian and LFAO also fared well in CEVO Main Season 13, where he has helped the team stay in the upper bracket of the double-elimination playoffs. The team's next match is scheduled for later tonight against the Argentinian side Gale Force. has learned that pavel will not be playing tonight, instead being replaced by Bryce "PureR" Lovell.

LFAO's current roster after the departure of pavel is:

  • United States Ethan "paperboy" Lillie
  • United States Gianni "karanni" Dfana
  • United States Rustun "Rustun" Lusk
  • United States Josh "PwnAlone" P.

It is not known who the long-term replacement for pavel on LFAO will be, but knows that they are currently looking at several Premier-level players from other teams to fill the spot. The team also is in tentative talks with at least one organization interested in securing their services for the upcoming MDL Season 27.

When reached by, pavel said that he felt he has improved a lot during his time in the States, and that he has offers to join teams back in Brazil when he arrives.

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