Rickeh has returned

Rickeh: "I felt like Rogue had a little bit more skill [than ex-Splyce]."

The Australian reveals what happened during the time between the collapse of CLG and securing a new team.

During DreamHack Austin, Collin "CarbonDogma" Davis found Ricardo "Rickeh" Mulholland and asked him a few questions relating to the tournament and the previous stops on his career.

Starting with your first two matches on the first day, how did it feel being able to beat both OpTic and Space Soldiers?

For our matches against OpTic and Space Soldiers we were coming in confident. Our preparation was pretty good for both of those teams. We didn't expect it to be more of a whitewash against Space Soldiers, so we're really happy with our first two results.

Going back, since CLG you've been without a team. Was there a reason you didn't join up with any new teams until now?

So what happened with me was I was under contract for about four or five months after CLG dropped the team. What happened was - it got to a point where I asked to be released and then they decided to release me, that was probably a month ago from now. Since then I've been trialing for a bunch of different teams and at the end of the day, I decided to go with Rogue.

You had played with ex-Splyce for EPL relegation, how was that event for you?

It was good to get back into the scene and get a bit of warmup in the relegation tournament. As I said, I've been out of the scene for about four or five months so it was good to fill in for those guys and help them out to qualify.

Was there a particular reason you didn't stay with them?

Mainly I felt like Rogue had a little bit more skill. Not only that, but they had also maintained the ECS spot, they already had the EPL spot. But just in general, I feel like the players on Rogue were mechanically better than the players on Splyce.

In the semis against Fragsters here - what were your expectations for them and did they come to fruition in the end?

To be honest, we thought it was going to be a 2-0 based off how they played against eUnited and our preparation for them. But they took us by surprise on Inferno, they played quite methodically and a good style of Counter-Strike that sort of countered what we were doing. So we expected it to be a 2-0, I'm actually very impressed by their team and they managed to pick up Inferno off us so it was well played by them.


Going into the final, between Heroic and Space Soldiers who would you rather play?

Personally I'd like to play Heroic because then that means we're pretty much beat all the top teams in the tournament. That being said, I think Space Soldiers should be able to pull through on that game.

I don't remember if you have any LANs coming up, but what's in the future for Rogue?

As far as I know, preparation for the NA Minor. Other than that, we'll be taking whatever tournaments give us invites - I think we have to play the ZOTAC Cup Masters. I think that's the next one coming up which is the online qualifier.

Rickeh and the rest of Rogue are set to be on show in the DreamHack Austin grand final later this evening, at 6pm EDT. They will face the winner of Space Soldiers vs Heroic in a best of three.

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