mCe showing he is not in fact a double amputee

mCe released by Dignitas; trying out as coach for Rogue

The former SoaR and Dignitas IGL is once again trying on the coaching hat.

As was hinted yesterday by his presence standing-in for Rogue's Anthony "gMd" Guimond, Matthew "mCe" Elmore is currently on trial for the team's vacant coach position, has learned. With mCe in the server, the team were able to upset Renegades over three maps, featuring an ace from the man himself.

In addition, we have learned that the IGL has been formally released from his contract with the Dignitas organization.

The transition back to coaching was hinted at by mCe himself after his removal from Dignitas, though the opportunity perhaps came sooner than expected. Rogue have been without a coach since the departure of Garret "Grt" Bambrough in early February.

When contacted by, mCe said of his exit from Dignitas that the team "did what they thought was best and unfortunately Broken inline had to go."

Regarding moving from playing to coaching, he offered the following thoughts:

I've always thought I'd be a better coach than player because my mental abilities far exceed my in game mechanics and aim. I'm good at identifying patterns and have a bunch of cool ideas and can help out taking some of the weight off an IGLs shoulders and work with players individually as well to help them see the game from an outside perspective.

I think my confidence also has suffered since the roster change [at the beginning of the season] and I kind of lost my sense of self in-game. Because of that I struggled. Last night was special for me coming in and beating Renegades after not having played the game for almost two weeks. My first round in I aced and winning in general was one of the coolest experiences of my career.

I think I'm ready to maybe stop as a player. I accomplished all of my goals except making a Minor and I'm excited to see where this next venture into coaching may take me

Rogue have just fallen to Torqued in the Upper Bracket of the ESL One Belo Horizonte Closed Qualifier. The team will next play compLexity in the Lower Bracket for a chance at a rematch.

As of now, young gMd's internet issues seem to have been rectified, and mCe has remained in the coach slot.

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