tweiss joins ex-Beacon

The player has switched allegiance ahead of the upcoming MDL season.

Former The Entourage/RONIN player Tyler "tweiss" Weiss has joined ex-Beacon, the player has revealed. He joins a team currently undergoing multiple changes after falling in the first round of playoffs in the previous MDL season. A young player who has caught the eye and garnered tryouts from Pro teams, tweiss will be looking to improve upon the 15th place finish registered by ex-Denial last season.

On joining ex-Beacon, and leaving RONIN, tweiss told

I left because of possible schedule changes for me that would prevent me from being able to be as committed as what they needed someone to be. Basically I wanted to free up a spot for them so they could find someone who is going to be available all the time. I left on good terms (hopefully) and joined up with ex-Beacon because it is going to be a lot more convenient for my schedule. Doesn’t mean I’m not here to win though!

With one spot still left to be filled, the current ex-Beacon roster is:

  • United States Ryan "GRAMPZ" Baber
  • Canada Marian "tyfoon" Lesnic
  • United States Cameron "Hydrex" Kern
  • United States Taylor "tweiss" Weiss

Likewise, the roster for RONIN is now:

  • David "Xp3" Garrido
  • United States Ian "Tex" Botsch
  • United States Dylan "RIKO" Sabin-Arnce
  • United States Jeff "REZU" Ngo
  • United States Kyle "flowsicK" Mendez (Coach)

Both squads will now look to complete their rosters within the next week before the new season starts on January 21st. In RONIN's first LAN outing as a team (without tweiss present), they lost two successive matches to Blackwoodproductions and Etherian.

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