horvy has reported already signed with his new home

Media: horvy returns to Brazil with W7M

horvy has linked up with a young Brazilian team ready to grow.

According to a report by Dust2 Brasil, former Wildcard coach João "horvy" Horvath has found a new home in the Brazilian scene and is set to join W7M in short order. Back on July 1st, Wildcard announced that the organization had negotiated with horvy to release him from the remaining two years on his contract, allowing horvy to seek out opportunities in the Brazilian scene.

horvy's return to the Brazilian comes after two years as a coach in the European and North American scenes, having previously worked with Entropiq Prague, Entropiq's academy team, before linking up with Wildcard in mid-2023. During his time with Wildcard, horvy helped the team to establish itself in the upper echelon of the NA domestic scene, surviving multiple shuffles as the organization looked to find its footing in CS2.

However, horvy's interest has returned towards his home country, with Dust2 Brasil reporting that horvy has already signed for the team. While the team are currently ranked 23rd in Brazil per HLTV's most recent ranking, W7M have a very young roster an average age of 22.6 and ample room to grow in the second half of 2024.

W7M are likely most known in North America for current Legacy player Guilherme "saadzin" Pacheco, whom was snatched up from W7M back in May. A current member of W7M, Henrique "t9rnay" Menacho, also spent some time in North America at the start of the year with the short-lived LOS roster.

With horvy, W7M are expected to consist of:

  • Brazil Joao "jz" Lourenço

  • Brazil Vitor "stormzyn" Yamauchi

  • Brazil Marcos "fokiu" Paulo

  • Brazil Henrique "t9rnay" Menacho (On Loan from Fluxo)

  • Brazil Cauã "card" Cardoso (On Loan from MIBR Academy)

  • Brazil João "horvy" Horvath (Coach)

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