Nomads wander toward Season 50 with three additions

Not all who wander are lost.

Living up to their name, The Nomads have reassembled the displaced souls of ESEA Advanced and have created a roster from the fragments of Perseverance, Villainous, and orbital VSAT online to create the newest version of one of ESEA Advanced's more recognizable unsigned brands.

The addition of three new members comes after the departure of James "Gonzo" Madden to ex-13 on July 1st, while Andrew "Enfohip" Moebus and Santiag "LegenD" Diaz are also out of the lineup. Enfohip told that he parted ways with The Nomads due to personality clashes, while LegenD says he is currently on vacation back in Paraguay is not set to return to the United States until after the start of ESEA Advanced Season 50.

With this, Justin "jsfeltner" Feltner and Dylan "DYLAN" Frivalt are the two holdouts from this past season's squad that finished with a 7-7 record in ESEA Advanced Season 49. Their new recruits are headlined by Mason "mason" Watkins, who posted the best record in ESEA Advanced Season 49 and was crowned a Regular Season champion after he and Perseverance edged out Legacy on Buchholz before a disappointing 13th-16th place finish in playoffs led to the team disbanding.

Ty "TyRa" Aron comes from the Villainous squad that spoiled Perseverance's playoff run before going on a run of their own and finishing 5th-6th despite coming into postseason play ranked 17th. The squad is rounded out by "FIEND" from orbital VSAT online, who finished just ahead of The Nomads with an 8-6 record last season, but finished in one of the only two 8-6 spots that fell outside of the top 24 needed to qualify for the postseason.

Along with the finalized player roster, The Nomads will have the services of Aureo at their disposal, who came along for the ride with mason. As alluded to by his association with mason, he sports experience working with Perseverance throughout their solid Season 49 campaign, as well as previous work with WICKED, regain, and Supernova that featured an ESEA Main championship in Season 48. He has helped lead the teams he has worked with in the past into the ESEA postseason more often than not, something The Nomads will certainly have on their mind for Season 50 after three of their five players finished one match shy of playoffs in Season 49.

The Nomads are now:

  • United States Justin "jsfeltner" Feltner

  • Canada Dylan "DYLAN" Frivalt

  • United States Mason "mason" Watkins

  • United States Ty "TyRa" Aron

  • United States Zander "FIEND" Bates

  • United States "Aureo" (Coach)

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