Zomblers unveil new roster for Season 50

Zomblers have returned to CS2 with the signing of the Brahmas roster.

On June 29th, Zomblers unveiled their new roster for ESEA Advanced Season 49, signing the former Brahmas roster. Brahmas joins Zomblers after the Indiana-based organization's previous roster disbanded back on June 9th as the players had differing plans for the future.

From that former Zomblers roster, Kameron "K4mr0" Bouma is making a homecoming to the organization as he has replaced Niner from Brahmas' roster last season. Outside of that swap, the roster remains as it was from Season 49, with the team likely feeling confident in their 7th-8th finish last season.

The roster overall has a high level of experience in the NA subtop, with Chris "Slash" Petersen in particular having experience dating all the way back to ESEA Advanced Season 29.

Zomblers are now:

  • United States Justin "Luck" Hopkins

  • United States Chris "Slash" Petersen

  • United States Justin "taZa" Bortis

  • United States Thomas "ExToSee" Johnson

  • United States Kameron "K4mr0" Bouma

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