Will Liquid get their new lineup done in time?

BLAST Fall Groups roster deadline approaches

Some teams will need to finalize their rosters soon.

The Esports World Cup roster lock has come and gone with little fanfare as only G2 announced their roster in the days after the deadline. FURIA and M80 continue to hold onto their announcements, but other squads like Liquid will need to get their affairs in order by next Monday in order to meet the BLAST deadlines.

As has been the catalyst for several roster changes in the previous years, BLAST's roster lock ensures that most of the top teams in the world get their affairs and announcements in order.

As of today, Liquid has not announced its new lineup. Liquid is still reeling from the announced departures of coach Wilton "zews" Prado and Danish IGL Casper "cadiaN" Møller. The organization is also rumored to be negotiating with FURIA over Felipe "skullz" Medeiros leaving three key roles for the organization to fill.

The lineup must be complete by this upcoming Monday to abide by BLAST's rulings or face potential seeding penalties.

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