Champions in Sweden, Champions back home

Jönköping win pushes Complexity to first in Valve Americas Ranking

Oh Brazil, where art thou?

Complexity have rightfully regained their first place position in Valve's Americas Ranking this week as they still are celebrating their ESL Challenger Jonkoping win. The squad seemed shaky throughout the tournament, but came through when it mattered most as they are now one of the best overall teams in the world.

For the first time in Major history, Valve has done away with open qualifier to the Major and will instead rely upon their ranking to invite the top eight teams from the region directly to the RMR while the remaining eight spots will be divided equally between South America and North American through an invite-only 16 team closed qualifier. Four teams from each region will progress from the closed qualifier to advance to the RMR in Shanghai this November.

You can see the top fifteen teams below:

  1. United States Complexity - 1,720 Points

  2. World Liquid - 1,670 Points

  3. 9z - 1,536 Points

  4. Brazil FURIA - 1,529 Points

  5. Brazil MIBR - 1,520 Points

  6. Brazil paiN - 1,438 Points

  7. Brazil Imperial - 1,402 Points

  8. World M80 - 1,269 Points

  9. Brazil RED - 1,226 Points

  10. Brazil Fluxo - 1,180 Points

  11. Brazil Legacy - 1,138 Points

  12. Brazil Sharks - 1,075 Points

  13. BESTIA - 1,069 Points

  14. United States Nouns - 1,049 Points

  15. United States Party Astronauts - 1,033 Points

Out of the top 15 teams, only Complexity, Liquid, and M80 would advance from the North American region directly to the RMR. Teams like Nouns, Party Astronauts, and more would have to qualify through the Closed Qualifier.

You can see the full rankings here.

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