It was a star-studded event

Complexity's best plays from ESL Challenger Jönköping

It was a statement event from the NA squad.

For the first time since Counter-Strike 1.6, Complexity have hoisted an international LAN trophy. It was a rough season for the squad, but at the end, they managed to eek out an incredible victory taking home an award and $50,000. Let's take a look at their matches and the specific moments that allowed them to pull the rabbit out of the hat.

4) United States EliGE's 4k ramp spraydown vs. Brazil MIBR on Vertigo

After losing the initial engagement on the ramp defense, it was all up to EliGE to prevent MIBR from taking the A-site. A miraculous line-up and spray-down earned the American rifler four kills in a row to close to site for good.

3) United States EliGE 4k vs. Aurora on Inferno

As Complexity's B-site defense crumbled, the onus fell on EliGE to kick Aurora out of the site. However, as you can tell by EliGE's statline on the HUD, he was having an absolute field day on Inferno. It was easy pickings for him to knock down another four and give another round over to Complexity. EliGE would finish Inferno with a 2.63 rating, his highest of the event.

2) hallzerk ACE vs. Brazil MIBR on Vertigo

Some clean rifle-work from the Norwegian lines up five heads for his M4A1-S, bringing back what was a tough game for Complexity's AWPer. Looking at the scoreline, if Complexity somehow let this slip by, then they would be in a world of hurt, and probably would miss out on playoffs entirely. Thanks to hallzerk, we don't have to think about that reality.

1) United States EliGE 1v3 ACE for tournament point vs Denmark Falcons on Nuke

Falcons were pushing Nuke the distance against Complexity, with Snappi's calling proving to be a force to be reckoned with. The round prior, Complexity tossed away a 5v3 advantage, and knowing this team, dropping another round might cause a spiral all the way to map three. But, it was EliGE's clean spraying and smart clutching that pushed Complexity to 12 and eventually secure the tournament win.

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