Fist bumps a plenty with Legacy locked into the ESEA Advanced grand finals

Legacy defeat OMiT and await their challenger for the ESEA Advanced throne

This season has gone rather predictably.

In a season that saw the return of Jake "Stewie2K" Yip for three weeks, the Brazilian powerhouse of Legacy have lived up to their name and made the rest of ESEA Advanced fear the legacy of South American squads that have speed run through Advanced as a means of reaching ESL Challenger League. The Brazilians have lost just one map all season, their match against LostRecognition in which they fell 16-12 in overtime on Ancient.

Legacy have coasted through the postseason, starting with a bye and then allowing their opposition to reach a double digit scoreline in just one map the rest of the way through the bracket, when E-Xolos took them to overtime on Mirage where Legacy eventually prevailed. In the upper bracket final against OMiT they grabbed first half leads in both maps and closed each of them out with a 13-8 scoreline.

Three teams remain in contention to face Legacy in the best-of-five grand final, with Legacy spotted a 1-0 default lead. They are E-Xolos and Strife in the first lower bracket quarterfinal, with Villainous and straykids in the other. The winners of those two series will face one another in the lower bracket semifinal, with the winner of that series facing OMiT in the lower bracket final. The survivor of that gauntlet gets the right to stare down the Brazilian buzzsaw.

Legacy will look to add themselves to the list of Brazilian Advanced speedrunners that features oNe in Season 28, Yeah in Season 35, and MIBR in Season 39. The grand final will take place later this weekend, as the lower bracket quarterfinal matches will occur tonight.

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June 9, 2024 09:53AM
legacy omit and strife are some good teams that can challenge ecl legacy obviously the best with the run they have in thunderpick
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