Nouns DAO approves continued funding for women's squad

Nouns fe will be staying in the scene after the DAO overwhelmingly voted to support them.

Nouns will continue to stay in the ESL Impact scene for the next eight months following the successful passage of DAO 552 which included $100,000 of funding for the continued support of the Nouns fe roster.

The proposal was presented on May 23rd with various Nouns community members providing feedback and looking favorably upon the resolution. After being put to a vote over the past week, it passed with a quorum of 57 votes, with 88 votes for the initiative and only 1 against.

Nouns, for the uninitiated, is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that is backed by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The people that support the project are largely those that have been there since the beginning. Since its founding, the organization has supported a wide range of different projects, and they do so through voting open to all Nouns NFT owners, but all the information is done transparently and available to access.

The women's roster was initially supported for a trial period of three months and spent the last three months representing the organization without any financial support. The squad has established themselves in North America and proven their success through various Cash Cup victories. The squad did not have nearly as much success during this latest season of ESL Impact where they finished in fifth place, missing out on playoffs and the potential to compete at the ESL Impact Season 5 Finals in Dallas this past weekend.

The squad intends to use the funding for the next eight months towards player salaries, coaching salaries, practice fees, league fees, and content creation, the latter of which they are planning to do more of in representing the Nouns brand through to the end of the year.

You can read the full proposal here.

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