Fluxo impressed at ESL Impact Dallas Season 5 Finals

goddess on SA Impact scene: "They are cheering for us and we bring them with us"

Fluxo Demons are the best team in Brazil.

In surely the most exciting match of ESL Impact Dallas, Fluxo Demons came back all the way from 3-11 to defeat NAVI Javelins in regulation, a real barn-burner of a match. With that, Fluxo completed the upset to qualify for playoffs on the final day. After the historic match, Dust2.us' Jeffrey "Mnmzzz" Moore spoke with Fluxo's Lara "goddess" Baceiredo about the team, the game, and more.

I'm here with goddess coming off of Fluxo's insane comeback against NAVI Javelins to make it to playoffs. To start, what an insane comeback 3-11 to 13-11. What happened to allow you to have such a dramatic comeback?

Our psychology is really good. We have a good mindset that we try to bring to the game. We were like "cmon girls! One round at a time!", just hyping each other and things start to be just right for us. Everything is going great, and that was it.

You mentioned in another interview that you lost to NAVI Javelins three times previously. With that in mind, especially as NAVI Javelins are the second best team in Europe, and many consider Europe to be the best region, how does it feel to take down the Javelins?

It was really good for us. We're really happy. As I said, the last three times we played against the we lost, so we were working to be able to win against them and we are really happy. Sometimes it was hard for us. They play really well, they are great players, but we stuck to each other and we won!

When we last interviewed your team, it was back when your team was under B4 with poppins, since then you've changed orgs to Fluxo. Why did you make the jump to Fluxo?

We believed that we needed a step-up, to go somewhere bigger and Fluxo is this. They have a really really really giant fanbase back in Brazil and they are one of the biggest organizations back there. We made this movement because we think we deserve something better. Fluxo gave this to us.

One thing I noticed when the team was playing was how much crowd support you guys had, but it really came from two people in the front. Who were they?

They are poppins' parents! They always travel to cheer for us. They hype us. You saw how they were. They cheer for us, do dances, we love it.

TSM Shimmer madss' family was right behind them, also cheering for you. I think they're very happy since you were able to help them get revenge and deny NAVI Javelins playoffs.

Something interesting about Fluxo Demons being here, in an interview with Astra, she said Fluxo Demons are the best team here at the tournament. Do you agree?

I believe that we could be. I'm so happy that she said that. Maybe she said that because last tournament we won against Imperial, so if we can do that last time, maybe we can do it tomorrow.

With that being said, you're going to play Imperial fe tomorrow, the first thing I wanted to ask is we've seen a lot of Brazilian orgs drop women teams, what's the reaction in the Brazilian scene to Imperial picking up a European team? Is there a sense of betrayal?

I saw some mixed feelings on social media because Brazilian fans would prefer if Imperial invested in Brazilian players and the Brazilian scene, but you know, for me, I think it's great. We need more organizations. We need more investment, and I think that those girls deserve it. They were playing without an organization and they deserve to be in one. Imperial, I think signing those girls, I think it's important for the scenario in general.

Now you have to play and beat them. You beat them in a best of one in Valencia, but I don't think you've beat them in a full best of three. What's the mood in the team? Do you think you have what it takes to win?

Yeah! I think we're really happy. We're gonna go to our prac now and talk about it. I don't remember playing a best-of-three against them previously. I believe that a best of three is better since we both have more chances. I think it will be an interesting game

With the changes to the Impact scene allowing only one Brazilian team to playoffs, what does it feel like to have the whole Brazilian Impact scene behind you?

We are really happy about it. They are really cheering for us. I don't know if you saw, but we are playing with names from South American players.

Oh yeah, on the back of the jersey we have izaa, kaahSENSEI, GaBi, khizha, REGIANE, Dani, and hera. So it's a big thing for the team to be representing the Brazilian scene?

Yeah, everyone from the team has eight names on their back and it's all the girls who played the South American qualifiers. They are cheering for us and we bring them with us.

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