TSM enter Impact scene with NA's #2 team

Shimmer has found a home after 15 months in free agency.

TSM have announced the signing of Shimmer, seeing the ESL Impact team receive a major source of support after 15 months of consistently being North America's second-best ESL Impact team. The signing also comes as the newly-minted TSM Shimmer squad are set to attend the ESL Impact Season 5 Finals in Dallas next week, where the team will look to show improved form after falling flat at the previous two Impact Finals.

Shimmer's road to finding an organization began with the team bursting onto the scene at the beginning of 2023, winning a number of ESL Impact Cash Cups before making their first ESL Impact LAN Finals over Detonate SparX in Season 3. While the team would ultimately go out in joint last place alongside HSG, their attendance at the LAN would cement Shimmer as the second-best NA Impact team, a title they would hold onto throughout the next year despite challenges from the likes of Tsunami Sirens and Evil Geniuses Gold.

During Shimmer's time together the roster has experienced multiple roster changes, most recently picking up Marissa "madss" Dasta and Sebastian "Florence" Ogarev as coach. While the team only has two remaining players from their original iteration, they are the key pieces in the form of Abigail "abby" Deters and Lucy "empathy" Verkaik. The IGL-AWP duo has been an integral part of the team's success, especially with empathy being one of the best Impact players in the world.

TSM Shimmer are now:

  • United States Abigail "abby" Deters

  • United States Lucy "empathy" Verkaik

  • United States Lynn "Lx" Clarke

  • Australia Phoebe "Phoebe" Winter

  • United States Marissa "madss" Dasta

  • Sebastian "Florence" Ogarev (Coach)

TSM Shimmer will make their LAN debut next week at the ESL Impact Season 5 Finals on May 31st.

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