Teams got their Major boost

Valve updates global rankings with new formula breakdown

NA has some work to do.

Valve has finally updated their global rankings for the first time since the beginning of the Regional Major Ranking tournaments. In the rankings page update, the developer has also included a full detailed breakdown of how the rankings are calculated, which includes the "Bounty Offered," "Bounty Collected," "Opponent Network," and LAN Wins.

For Bounty Collected, Opponent Network, and LAN Wins, Valve is only considering the ten best results from each team over the past six months. In the case of Complexity, these wins include victories over teams like paiN, HEROIC, and Liquid. The full ranking breakdown is available on the Complexity page.

Despite the latest Major being a solid showing for the Americas region, there is only one team from the region in the global Top 10. paiN, off the back of their massive upsets in Copenhagen and latest win at GET Rio 2024, have reached 10th overall while Complexity has to settled for 15th.

Liquid, M80, and Party Astronauts round out the other top North American teams however they are ranked 25th, 49th, and 56th globally.

Below are the top ten teams in the current Americas Ranking:

#1. Brazil paiN - 1550 Points
#2. Brazil Imperial - 1502 Points
#3. Brazil MIBR - 1498 Points
#4 United States Complexity - 1386 Points
#5. Brazil FURIA - 1327 Points
#6. World Liquid - 1253 Points
#7. Brazil Legacy - 1101 Points
#8. Brazil Fluxo - 1081 Points
#9. Brazil RED Canids - 1057 Points
#10. 9z - 1052 Points

M80 is 11th with 981 points, Party Astronauts is 12th with 925 points, and Nouns are 14th with 909 points.

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