ben1337 is not a happy camper

Half of Party Astronauts stuck in travel day hell

Who knew flying to Australia was hard.

Party Astronauts are set to play in the upcoming IEM Challenger Melbourne 2024 LAN in Australia later this week. However, half of the squad has yet to arrive in the country, and travel delays are making it as complicated as possible. Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk told a bit about their horrendous travel situation as he awaited his next flight.

Will "RUSH" Wierzba, Adam "WolfY" Andersson, and coach Luke "Viathan" Carstens are about to touch down in Australia later today, but cxzi, Ben "ben1337" Smith, and Connor "chop" Sullivan have been hit by some travel issues which will make it harder for the full team to get together.

While the first three members mentioned will be landing sometime shortly, cxzi and ben1337 remain stuck in Chicago with their newest flight leaving today. The duo were supposed to fly out from the Windy City on Sunday to San Francisco, where they were then going to catch a connecting flight to Melbourne. However, the flight was delayed three hours due to a mechanical failure causing them to miss their connecting flight and putting them back at square one.

Through United, the two were then supposed to be on an early morning flight to Denver, stay in the airport for a twelve-hour layover, and then fly to Los Angeles, where they would catch their flight to Australia. However, that flight later became unavailable, forcing the two to rebook again.

Now, cxzi and ben1337 will depart in the next few hours. They will fly from Chicago to LAX, then catch their flight to Melbourne, and land on Wednesday, May 24th.

As for chop, his flight went smoothly until an emergency landing diverted him to Hawaii. Mechanical issues have now forced the twenty-two year old to stay in the Aloha State for another 16 hours until he can get his next flight to Melbourne.

It will not be an easy travel day for three of the six members in Party Astronauts. chop, cxzi, and ben1337 will have been going through this process for more than a day and will probably just be happy to make it in one piece. The squad may need to rely on the well rested and de-stressed RUSH, WolfY, and Viathan as they hope to take down Aurora in their opening match of the LAN.

Party Astronauts have been placed into Group A alongside Apeks, Aurora, and sunday school, an unsigned Australian squad. Their first match begins on Thursday, April 25th at 09:25PM.

Party Astronauts
3 - 13
All maps
Party Astronauts K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Danny 'cxzi' Strzelczyk 11 - 15 -4 80.6 68.8% 0.96
United States Ben 'ben1337' Smith 11 - 16 -5 69.8 68.8% 0.78
United States William 'RUSH' Wierzba 10 - 15 -5 64.4 50.0% 0.69
United States Connor 'chop' Sullivan 4 - 13 -9 48.8 50.0% 0.49
United States Adam 'WolfY' Andersson 3 - 14 -11 34.2 43.8% 0.35
Aurora K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Viktor 'Lack1' Boldyrev 23 - 10 +13 150.8 81.2% 2.21
Evgeny 'Norwi' Ermolin 18 - 9 +9 103.4 93.8% 1.72
Evgeny 'r3salt' Frolov 15 - 7 +8 90.3 81.2% 1.57
Denis 'deko' Zhukov 14 - 5 +9 76.8 87.5% 1.45
Aleksandr 'KENSI' Gurkin 3 - 9 -6 43.2 81.2% 0.75

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