ESEA announce Season 37 details

Be sure to mark down the important dates as they may be spaced out differently than in the past.

With the ESEA Advanced playoffs already underway and the ESEA Premier playoffs set to begin on April 13th, ESEA have announced the details for Season 37 of league play.

Registration will remain open until April 26th at 3AM EST. At that time roster restrictions will go into effect and teams will only be able to add a maximum of three players per week, while players that join and later leave a team will not be able to join a new team for a week after their departure.

Players, please note the differences in the timeline for Season 37 compared to Season 36. Last season there was a week between the close of registration and the removal of unpaid teams, while this season there are just two days, as the unpaid teams will be removed on April 28th at 3AM EST. Schedules will be released the following day, April 29th, at 6PM EST and the first default day will be May 3rd.

At the time of their announcement ESEA had not set a date for when the regular season must be completed by, as they are currently working with tournament organizers to minimize scheduling conflict. As a result, the roster lock date for Season 37 remains up in the air, but it will go into effect at 7:59PM EST on the date that ESEA choose. Regardless of when the regular season is completed the playoffs will conclude by July 18th.

The entirety of the announcement can be read here.

Fact box

Important dates for Season 37

  • Registration closes: April 26th at 3AM EST
  • Unpaid teams (<4 paid players) removed: April 28th at 3AM EST
  • Schedules released: April 29th at 6PM EST
  • First default day: May 3rd
  • Roster lock: TBD (two weeks prior to the end of the regular season)
  • Regular season ends: TBD
  • Playoffs end: July 18th

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