Wanted Goons pick up Revel

Wanted Goons have signed Revel after their previous core went their separate ways.

Following the departure of their remaining players to reform Victorum on April 3rd, Wanted Goons have unveiled a new squad with the signing of Revel on April 5th. Revel had previously teased their signing on April 2nd, announcing the end of the orgless brand, which existed in the NA scene since 2021.

Under Wanted Goons, the former Revel core have made a number of changes to their composition, replacing Zachary "P3nny" Brazelton with Joshua "LittleBEER" Stuckley while also adding Rake as coach in the off season. P3nny left the team on March 19th and has since joined Victorum. LittleBEER meanwhile was a member of the former Wanted Goons roster while also doing double duty as the organization's general manager.

These changes will look to help the squad have a stronger showing after missing out on ESEA Advanced Season 48 playoffs with a 6-8 regular season.

Wanted Goons are now:

  • United States Dustin "BATSPEED" Haberstumpf

  • United States James "Jachro" Brooks

  • United States Mathew "Linkster" Link

  • Tianyi "kajohnray" Tan

  • United States Joshua "LittleBEER" Stuckley

  • Canada "Rake" (Coach)

Wanted Goons' season opener is scheduled to be against BeastBagChasers on April 12th at 09:00PM.

In other Wanted Goons news, the organization have signed an academy team called Wanted Goons Outlaws that notably contains former Davenport players Ian "Fraq-KTR" Burr and Anna "lyeku" Lu.

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