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cadiaN grabs win in Major showmatch

We all had fun, and that's really what just matters.

Nobody ever gets really too invested in show matches, and this one was just another case of everyone on the server choosing to have some fun on the main stage.

Filled with Zeus', P90s, Negevs, and more, this was not the sweaty match that some thought would happen on Mirage as the two Danish sides battled it out in front of the almost sold-out crowd.

More people are continuing to filter into the arena before the action really kicks off later tonight at 02:00PM when FaZe and NAVI play one another for the Major final.

cadiaN and his Danish crew won 13-6 on Mirage after absolutely dominating on the T-side, leaving ECSTATIC firmly in the dust.

Now, we're on to the most important match of the night!


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