Warden let his emotions get the best of him after Wildcard's elimination

Warden punished by PGL after post-match incident with M80

The coach is banned from practice facilities.

Dust2.us has confirmed with the PGL that Wildcard co-coach Matt "warden' Dickens has been banned from the event's facilities after an incident with M80 following Wildcard's loss and elimination from the PGL Major Copenhagen Americas RMR.

Per PGL and the affected players on M80, following the conclusion of the match, M80 went over to Wildcard for the traditional post-match fist bump, upon which Warden allegedly refused to fist bump the team and proceeded to splash multiple players with water from his water bottle.

While Dust2.us was not witness to the initial incident, the publication saw M80 report the unsportsmanlike conduct to PGL, upon which PGL investigated and made the decision to ban Warden from the venue.

The overall impact of the incident of Wildcard is minimal as the squad was just eliminated, however it will mean the American coach will be unable to use PGL and Liga ACE's practice facilities for the final two days of their stay in Monterrey. However the incident is a disappointing conclusion to Wildcard's first RMR event.

Following the incident, Warden apologized to malbsMd's via a retweet of HLTV Senior Writer Danish "Nohte" Allana's tweet regarding the incident.

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March 3, 2024 02:26PM
I just think this is funny to be honest he looks like teddy bear like n8
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what the fuck
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