Moroccan organization One More sign Spectre

The ECL newcomers are headed into the division with an unlikely source of support.

Ahead of the start of ESL Challenger League Season 47, Spectre have found a new form of support from an unlikely region, being signed by Moroccan organization One More today. The pickup sees One More sign their first Counter-Strike team and their first non-MENA team, with the organization currently hosting a League of Legends squad that competes in the Arabian League while also previously hosting a number of teams from the region.

Spectre topped ESEA Advanced Season 47 back in December, besting Russo-Ukrainian squads Datejust 3-0 in the finals. The victory saw four out of five players qualify to their first season of ECL, while Caleb "jchancE" Davis returns to the division for the first time since 2018. The squad will look to survive their first season of ECL and hopefully make a mark in a stacked league that features the likes of NRG, M80, Wildcard, Nouns, and timbermen among a number of other strong squads.

One More are now:

  • United States Grant "serv0" Medina

  • United States Kevin "Grave" Le

  • United States Caleb "jchancE" Davis

  • United States Noah "z0mb1e" Velez

  • Sebastian "cbass" Bentancor

ESL Challenger League Season 47 is set to start on February 13th.

Update: Following the publication of this article, One More notified that they had recently moved their base of operations from Qatar to Morocco. The article has been updated accordingly.

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February 10, 2024 07:05PM
We got the oil money now in NA now?
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February 11, 2024 02:25AM
least random signing
#3(With 1 replies)
February 11, 2024 09:23AM
Most normal NA ECL roster announcement ever
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February 11, 2024 03:26PM
counting down the hours till the announcement of the purchase of HLTV for $10B by some random c tier saudi prince
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