Valve suggested removing the console from CS2 according to moses

moses recounts the interesting conversation with the developers.

On the most recent episode of the Talking Counter podcast, Jason "moses" O'Toole spoke about some of the things that Valve had been doing or considering to change in CS2. One of those changes was apparently removing the in-game console as one of the options.

I remember when we were at the Valve offices play testing, and they asked us, "So how do you guys feel if we just took the console out of Counter-Strike entirely?" Everyone in the room - leans the chair back and slowly breaths in - just was in a stressed silence. "Horrible, Horrible, we would feel terrible".

The week's guest on the show, Josh "Steel" Nissan, said that it would be fine to remove it, but only if you could easily do all of those changes in the settings page. However, considering the endless possibility of console commands, it would not be viable.

Valve clearly listened to the feedback and did not remove the console in the game's latest update, however they did make a number of changes to core systems in the game. Some which has been received positively like the new smokes, while other changes to the netcode and movement in-game have been the subject of much discussion and derision by parts of the community that have noted that they are flawed and inferior to CS:GO.

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