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Lionel Messi invests in esports, org plans to enter CS2

Esports gets another international superstar.

KRÜ announced the arrival of the most famous and greatest soccer player ever to grace the game, Lionel Messi, as it's newest partner to the organization. Sergio Agüero announced on the organization's X, formerly Twitter, account this afternoon.

While KRÜ has not entered the Counter-Strike space before, they had made an offer for the former Paqueta lineup. Coincidentally, the Paqueta organization was founded by another South American soccer player, Lucas Paqueta of West Ham in the English Premier League.

Mariel Lluch, a manager at KRÜ, has stated before that the organization has plans to enter into Counter-Strike in 2024. Sergio Agüero reinforced this promise during a live stream where he said that he was going to make a "Counter-Strike Academy" that would be filled with Argentinian players. He continued on to say that it they would have both an academy and potentially a main roster, according to a translation from Dust2 Brasil.

Lionel Messi, eight-time winner of the Ballon d'Or, is considered to be one of the best players ever to play international soccer. After winning the World Cup this past year, he left Paris Saint-Germain to come to the United States, where he joined David Beckham's Inter Miami FC. Messi is not the only international superstar to be interested in esports as he joins Neymar who was spotted in the stands at the IEM Rio 2022 Major.

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