Evil Geniuses CS2 will continue for now

CS2 teams not affected by EG layoffs

They're alive for now.

Evil Geniuses are undergoing a reduction in workforce today, with the organization confirming to Dust2.us that several people have been let go. While office staff have been fired, the men's and women's Counter-Strike teams will not be immediately impacted by the reduction. Additionally, Evil Geniuses' Director of Athletics Soham "valens" Chowdhury is also confirmed not to be part of the layoffs.

The reduction in workforce for Evil Geniuses is concerning for fans, especially those who saw the Counter-Strike team reduce from the Blueprint project into only one squad.

Evil Geniuses Senior Director of Gaming & Performance Lindsey "GamerDoc" Migliore, who became infamous after posting an overzealous comment in regards to an Evil Geniuses victory, has marked on their LinkedIn page they were no longer part of Evil Geniuses as of this month.

Other departments affected were the marketing and content teams, as judging by the personal posts from former employees. At this moment, it is unknown what the full impact will be to the esports side of Evil Geniuses.

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