Sharkie joins Thunder Logic

The league newcomer fills the spot left by JazzPimp.

After losing Dominic "JazzPimp" Dimpfel to Recon 5 on Tuesday, Thunder Logic have refilled their ranks with the addition of Brandon "Sharkie" Ly.

Sharkie is a relative newcomer to the league, having only played his first full season of Intermediate in Season 31. Since then he has continued to rise through the ranks, first qualifying to Main before finishing Season 32 in third place with An1ken, who have since been signed by Xternal.

As such, he will have a lot to prove in this season of MDL, as the increase in veteran EPL teams demoted to MDL has sharply increased the level of competition.

As such, Thunder Logic are now:

  • United States Andy "Andersin" Collins
  • United States Nathan "rabbit" Beale
  • Canada Sean "Inseaniac" Morrison
  • United States Bryce "PureR" Lovell
  • United States Brandon "Sharkie" Ly

Thunder Logic currently have no matches scheduled in ESEA MDL Season 33.

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