ESL Impact Season 4 NA Week 1 - Highlights and Recap

Some great shots and games opened the competition.

The first week of ESL Impact Season 4 North America has come to an end and everything went as expected, with no upsets to talk about. The four teams racking up their first win were those seen as the favorites to travel to Valencia.

In this article you can find a recap of the four series of the week, the top three highlights and performers of the first set of games.

The first day of games saw FlyQuest RED completely dominate Totsugeki with a 16-1 Inferno and a 16-3 Vertigo. Shimmer won against Tsunami Sirens 16-6 in Ancient and 16-10 in Overpass.

The second day had EG Gold beat Cherry Bombs with a 16-5 Inferno and a 16-4 Ancient. Karma defeated Hyperion 16-8 in Ancient and 16-10 in Inferno, in a face off between the former Dignitas players.

Top 3 Performances

#1 Coline "Kaoday" Le Floc'h - FlyQuest RED

The French AWPer was one of the main reasons for the blowouts that got FlyQuest RED's their wins. Kaoday ended the series with 112.5 ADR, 97.2% KAST, and a 1.91 rating. Despite this statline, Kaoday was only the third-best fragger in her team, but her impact was felt the most.

#2 United States Juliana "Juli" Tosic - Evil Geniuses Gold

Juli took a year off and came back like she had gone to the Himalayas to study the game of Counter-Strike during that time, as she is looking proper scary lately. Her return to ESL Impact was one of the best return to the servers moment in CS history. 126 ADR, 90.5% KAST, with a 27-10 K-D and a 1.99 rating in Inferno was followed by a more modest Ancient performance, hence second-place.

#3 United States Lucy "empathy" Verkaik - Shimmer & Canada Amanda "rain" Smith - Karma

Two players take the third-place spot, as both empathy and rain were the top-fraggers of the week. 48 kills each, coupled with a 1.51 rating for empathy and a 1.49 rating for rain, means their performances were essential for their teams' success in week one of ESL Impact. The context for these performances varies, though. empathy is trying to guarantee a LAN Finals spot for the third season in a row, while rain is trying to get he first ever ESL Impact LAN Finals appearance following their return to CS:GO.

Top 3 Highlights

#1 United States Kelsie "uhKelsie" Click (FlyQuest RED) - 1v4 Pistol Clutch

Is there any better way of starting your map pick with a 1v4 pistol clutch? uhKelsie showed a lot of trigger discipline, calmness, and efficiency, all while blowing a bubblegum bubble, getting her team ahead both in the scoreboard and in the hype department.

#2 Canada Julie "Bouchard" Bouchard (Shimmer) - 1v2 Low HP Clutch

Alhtough Bouchard didn't have the best statline in the series against Tsunami Sirens, she still managed to impact the game directly a lot, with some incredible plays. In this instance, the Canadian rifler won a 1v2 clutch after the first kill got her down to just 1HP.

#3 Sweden Tilde "7licious" Byström (Evil Geniuses Gold) - Ace

One of the few highlights of day two was this ace from 7licious, the Sweden import. In a round were Cherry Bombs only had pistols, 7licious managed to isolate some fights in a tight space, avoiding any damage on her way to the five kills.

Honorable Mention - Canada Julie "Bouchard" Bouchard (Shimmer) - Incredible Flick

Right after her 1v2 clutch, Bouchard went down Connector and got an insane headshot one tap flick. Shimmer would went on to lose that round and the following six, but this kill deserves to be shown and replayed.

Week 1 Results

United States Totsugeki 0-2 FlyQuest RED
United States Shimmer 2-0 Tsunami Sirens
United States Evil Geniuses Gold 2-0 United States Cherry Bombs
United States Karma 2-0 United States Hyperion

Week 2 Schedule

United States Shimmer vs. United States Hyperion - Wednesday 07:30PM
Tsunami Sirensvs. FlyQuest RED - Wednesday 07:30PM
United States Cherry Bombs vs. United States Karma - Thursday 07:30PM
United States Totsugeki vs. United States Evil Geniuses Gold - Thursday 07:30PM

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