Nerd Street's Sendoff CS:GO event ends in a Tsunami

The nine-team LAN in Brunswick ended in success for ECL veterans.

Over the weekend, Nerd Street held what they believe to be one final CS:GO event as the gaming world awaits the arrival of CS2. With the game set to be released this summer, many anticipate the game being released at any moment. As for Nerd Street, the company decided to throw together one last event for the game before we finally see the switch. At the Brunswick LocalHost, nine teams gathered to play out in double elimination groups with a single elimination playoff bracket and $1,250 up for grabs.

With nine teams, five were sorted into Group A with four into Group B. The odd-numbered Group A saw Tsunami, Darkest Hour, and Detonate Academy take a first-round bye as Fastmen and Underscore squared off, with the former advancing 16-9. As a reward for their win, Fastmen went to the Upper Bracket Semifinals of Group A to play Tsunami and get washed away 16-3.

At the other end of the group, Detonate Academy would blow Darkest Hour out of the water in a 16-8 dominant win on Nuke. However, Tsunami kept things rolling as they played in the Qualification BO3 against Detonate Academy, securing a come-from-behind 2-1 victory after failing secure the first map.

In the lower bracket, Underscore would meet Darkest Hour, where they would be eliminated from the event in a 2-1 loss. Fastmen, who had beaten Underscore earlier in the day, would then also take down Darkest Hour in a swift 2-0, sending them home from Brunswick. Detonate Academy, who had just lost to Tsunami in the qualification match, had their last chance against Fastmen, one that they wouldn't let slip as they scraped by a 2-0 victory by incredibly slim margins on Vertigo and Anubis.

Group B saw their four-team group a little smoother, with All Gas No Brakes winning the first and only overtime match of the event in a 19-15 clash on Mirage against The Dog House. Meanwhile, WeGotBakingSoda sent Mr. Steal Your Win down to the lower bracket in a 16-8 win on Overpass. In the BO3 qualification match, WeGotBakingSoda saw themselves cruise to the playoffs in a 2-0 victory which saw them win 16-8 on Nuke and 16-14 on Overpass.

The lower bracket saw Mr. Steal Your Win eliminated first as they fell 16-11 and 16-9 on Vertigo and Ancient, respectively, to The Dog House. It was All Gas No Brakes, just fresh off losing the qualification match, that made sure those dogs went home as they bulldozed their way in a 16-12, 16-3, victory.

The playoffs were a no-nonsense, quick, and easy four-team bracket that saw Tsunami play All Gas No Brakes and Detonate face WeGotBakingSoda. Both matches failed to go the distance, with Tsunami winning Mirage and Inferno 16-5, 16-3 respectively and Detonate winning Ancient and Inferno 16-6 and 16-4, respectively. Finally, Tsunami dispatched Detonate Academy is a breeze as they took Overpass 16-11 and then Mirage 16-6.

The final standings for Nerd Street's The Sendoff is:

  • 1st: Tsunami Esports, dAVE, Pol0, drew, JDubs, nguyen, ynoT, $600

  • 2nd: Detonate Academy, Enzo, Trick, Fuzion, Ravencs, Gibbyati, $350

  • 3rd/4th: All Gas No Brakes, davd, Stx, Nickhalden, testatap, chevyus1, $150

  • 3rd/4th: We Got Backing Soda, jachro, V0lcaN, Batspeed, Gman, KaJohnRay, $150

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