INS is distraught after hearing about the hijacking

Esports jersey shipment hijacked by pirates

It appears someone in the Caribbean is a massive fan of esports.

In an article that even we can't believe we're writing, Grayhound founder William Gray informed a jersey-seeking fan that they would not be able to receive a new shirt from the organization because the boat that was transporting the merchandise was hijacked by pirates last week.

The unbelievable story was additionally confirmed to in a private message from William Gray, just to make sure that this wasn't a joke. has been unable to find any reporting otherwise to confirm the piracy hijacking at this time. According to the International Chamber of Commerce live piracy tracker, there have been no reported attacks since April 16th, however this could be due to a lag in reporting.

While piracy off the coast of Africa is a commonly known hazard, the same cannot be said for the waters of the Caribbean. A New York Post story from 2018 reported that there had been 217 pirate attacks in Latin America and the Carribean the year prior, which was a 163% increase from 2016. However, 59% of the piracy attacks were incidents that involved private yachts.

According to, a Norwegian-based maritime insurance company, there were 24 piracy and armed robbery incidents recorded in the South and Central America and Caribbean waters in 2022, which exhibits a steady decline in it's five year incident average.

The same report also shows that violent piracy in East Africa has also taken a nosedive, with only one incident in 2022 where two crew members were taken hostage. This is down from more than 80 incidents recorded in 2020.

While the situation is sad and difficult for all, at least the social team over at ESL have been able to find the fun in it.

When asked for further details about the piracy and how he found out about the incident, Mr. Gray did not respond by the time of publication.

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