Peacemaker continues his world tour

Peacemaker leaves role after less than two months

The journeyman coach has left LOS + oNe just before the Paris RMRs.

The former Imperial coach was signed as a replacement for former coach Joaquin "lokomotioN" Cuevas, who now plies his trade with Fluxo as an assistant coach and analyst. Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu's addition to LOS + oNe saw the storied coach return to the North American scene for the first time in five years after briefly coaching Sean "sgares" Gares' Misfits lineup in 2017.

His departure comes after just less than two months with the team, which saw them qualify for the Paris Major Americas RMR and finish in 5th/6th in ESL Challenger League North America Season 44. The timing of his departure is highly peculiar as it comes literally a day before the team’s campaign at the Americas RMR begins.

The signing of peacemaker to the recently expanded organization is oNe's highest-profile signing in its eight-year history, with peacemaker being one of the most experienced and respected coaches in the Brazilian and international scenes. Known for his globe-trotting approach to the profession, peacemaker has coached teams including Liquid, TYLOO, and Heroic.

As part of his role in coaching the team, peacemaker brought the squad to Poland for a comprehensive bootcamp with the goal of getting the team even more ready for the upcoming Major cycle and the ESL Challenger League playoffs.

The departure does come as a shock, and one that was unexpected. LOS + oNe have now been through seven different coaches since the beginning of 2022.

With the departure of peacemaker, LOS + oNe are expected to be:

  • Brazil Pedro "Maluk3" Campos

  • Brazil Matheus "pesadelo" Panisset

  • Brazil Alencar "trk" Rossato

  • Brazil Victor "iDk" Torraca

  • Guatemala Mario "malbsMd" Samoya

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