Valve confirms pro player access for CS2

There hasn't been a lot of clarity about who got access for the beta, until now.

Many have been wondering why some players have gotten access to Valve's newest edition of Counter-Strike with the Counter-Strike 2 beta. With players in VALORANT reportedly receiving access while those that have stayed in Counter-Strike have not, there was some concern and confusion over Valve's intentions.

For players that make it to the Major, they write their names in the history books and in the history of the game with custom stickers that players can attach to their weapons. Now, however, they are also the first ones to receive access to the game.

In a reddit comment, Valve developer Ido Magal responded to comment and confirmed that everyone who has played at the Major was given access, as well as those that are listed on their Regional standings.

For some players, like British-Polish AWPer Mateusz "mantuu" Wilczewski, they have never played in a Major, nor are they listed on the Regional Standings, which is why he has not received access at this time. For others that don't have access, but have played in a Major and are currently on the Regional Standings, they might need to update some things to finally get it.

As Ido later explained in a further comment, Valve gets all the data from HLTV. "We get our data for the Regional Standings from HLTV. So—all of the teams for which HLTV has Steam IDs associated with their profile. If HLTV doesn’t know your Steam account then neither do we." This means that if you are on there, make sure HLTV has access to your Steam ID.

Of course, as of now, members of the public can do nothing else but just hope that Valve slowly opens the floodgates and allows more players in. Access to Counter-Strike 2 was determined by playtime before the release and no amount of playing now will change that.

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