The Royal Arena will host Denmarks first Major

PGL Announce first CS2 Major

2024 and CS2's first Major will be held by Romanian organizer PGL.

PGL have released a tweet announcing that they will be holding the first Major on Counter-Strike 2. As was recently announced by Valve, that Major will be in March 2024 with the dates set as the 17th-31st. PGL also revealed the host location, with Denmark being set as the destination for the scene's most prestigious tournament.

The Major will take place in Copenhagen, in the Royal Arena, a venue that has hosted numerous BLAST events since 2017. Denmark is one of the most historically successful Counter-Strike nations across all versions. In CS:GO, Astralis are one of the greatest lineups of all time, with a dominant era that included three consecutive Major triumphs.

For North America, the news will no doubt be disappointing but hardly surprising as Europe has tended to have more of the Major events. This will now mark over six years since a Major has been held in the region with the ELEAGUE Boston Major in 2018 being the last one held in the continent.

It will be PGL's third Major post-pandemic and fourth in total. Stockholm 2021 broke viewing records with over 2.7 million concurrent viewers for the Grand Final. It will be the first Counter-Strike Major Denmark has hosted.

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