Stewie2k leaves EG after six months with their Creator Collective

Stewie2k announces return to competing; CS on the table

A return to CS would be a massive change for a player who said he didn't want to go back to the game.

After six months as part of Evil Geniuses' Creator Collective, former EG and Liquid player Jake "Stewie2k" Yip has announced his departure from the organization. Stewie2k became a streamer for Evil Geniuses following his much-publicized and acrimonious departure from Evil Geniuses' active lineup, which came after dismal results, controversy, and poor stewardship of a team largely handpicked by Stewie2k.

With his announcement, despite signaling that he was effectively done with CS:GO and competition in general, Stewie2k noted that he is interested in a return to competitive play in VALORANT or potentially Counter-Strike.

A potential return to the game that made Stewie2k famous would be an interesting but difficult prospect for the 25-year-old player, having played his last official nearly a year ago in late April. Additionally, domestically there is realistically no chance of Stewie2k finding his way onto any of the big three NA organizations, with Complexity being the only squad with no history with the player. Likewise, in Europe there's a difficult case to be made for what team would benefit from a bombastic IGL/rifler who disappointed on his past two teams.

However, with the release of Counter-Strike 2 right around the corner, there may be hope for the Smoke Criminal should he accept that he will truly need to grind and work from essentially square one if CS is where he wants to compete once again.

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