CS:GO is more popular than ever with Source 2 on the horizon

CS:GO cracks new milestone for sixth time in a month

The evergreen title has seen a new wave of enthusiasm.

CS:GO continues to smash records this month, as the game saw 1,416,861 players login today to hit headshots and such, according to Steam Charts. This marks the sixth time in the past month CS:GO has broken their concurrent players record, with fans of the longstanding series picking up the game in increasing numbers in the reported leadup to the long-awaited Source 2 port of the game.

CS:GO was previously on a bit of a downward trend following their COVID-19 peak of 1.3 million logins. While the game has consistently remained above 1,000,000 players this is a welcome sight after many speculated that VALORANT would sap away players from the game. Many have tried but the evergreen FPS is still the preferred choice for many gamers.

Highest peak in players per year:

  • 2023: 1,416,861 (Ongoing)

  • 2022: 1,065,079

  • 2021: 1,198,581

  • 2020: 1,305,714

  • 2019: 767,060

  • 2018: 746,548

  • 2017: 814,616

  • 2016: 850,485

  • 2015: 823,694

  • 2014: 367,634

  • 2013: 96,298

  • 2012: 52,261

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